Signs and Subjective Symptoms was Revealed With The Expressions of Patient

The scope of the examination for oral disease and health has been greatly

Medical Symptoms and Diagnosis are Very Useful

Medical symptoms and diagnosis are a valuable aid in the differentiation of lesions

Oral Diagnosis and Metabolic Disease for Right Treatment

Oral diagnosis and metabolic disease. A great deal of knowledge is necessary to conduct

Do routine physical check up can help anamnesis

MOST PATIENTS are eager to give the reason for their visit to the

Daily Activities Can Cause Dental Disease and Gum Disease

Occupational dental diseases and gum disease may be caused by inhalation or ingestion of harmful material in the form of minute quantities of dusts, liquids, or gases which may affect the

Different Types of Oral Infections of Indeterminate Origin

DISTURBANCES OF INDETERMINATE ORIGIN Licher, planes, a disease of unknown etiologic basis the different types of oral infections of indeterminate origin may occur on the lips. and resembles leukoplakia. Its lacy

The important of oral diagnosis and dental treatment planning for dentist

The Traditional training of a dentist, which has been broadened in recent years by the adoption of a firmer foundation in the basic sciences and a realization of their application

Definition and Types of Retrusion

Definition and Types Of Retrusion – These anomalies are judged by the deviation from the orbital plane or the nasion-pogonion line and are recognized as (I) retrusion, if the jaws

Examination of A Patient is Very Important for Disease Diagnosis

The dentist must be know about examination of a patient. That examination should not be limited to the condition which has led him to seek dental treatment. The patient should

The Job Responsibilities of A Dentist Are Very Influential on Their Career

The oral diagnostician is a job responsibilities of a dentist. The dentist must be able to determine local and sys-temic etiologic factors and to evaluate their relative importance in a